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The Birth of the Shinsengumi!

hathos / Nov 16, 2016
Welcome to our new website! This guild was formed by 5 pals wanting to progress in Vanilla WoW, without being in a super-strict guild that treats the game like a job. At the same time, we wanted to have fun, but without being surrounded by immature kids and trolls. The solution? Make our own guild. And thus, The Shinsengumi was born! We hope that you join us as we make many memories inside the world of Azeroth. For those just catching us for the first time, our copy-pasta recruitment message is below.

The <Shinsengumi> (Horde, NA) is recruiting for the Fresh Start PvP server! Started by 5 friends, we’re led by MMO-vets who have absolutely zero experience with Vanilla WoW! Yup, no experience whatsoever. Why are we making a guild? It’ll be fun, that’s why. If you are Horde-side and look forward to experiencing Vanilla with us, kicking ass, getting our asses kicked, and walking back to our corpses as we get better and progress, then this is the guild for you!

Some FAQ’s:

What will our times be?

Around 8:00pm – 12:00am EST, 3 days a week. Days are undecided, because honestly that would be stupid to do before the server is running and we confirm schedules with our members.
How will we distribute loot?
EPGP with two ranks of casual and raider. Best thing for a game is to keep things fair and simple.

Aren’t you all noobs?

In Vanilla WoW, hell yes. Other than myself, none of the leaders have any Vanilla experience. However, we have led guilds in other games, including retail WoW, FFXIV, and Hello Kitty Island Adventure.
What is required of a member?

Eh, nothing, really, in terms of commitment. This is a videogame. IRL > Azeroth. Since some of us are adults with functioning lives, as opposed to kids on vacation or unemployed shut-ins living on welfare, we won’t make this into a job. If I had to sum up what we want in two words, just be Chill and Competent. Being chill is just being fun to play with, not constantly raging or spamming. Being competent means playing your class properly, having proper itemization and pre-raid BIS, and playing at least as good as is necessary to beat easy content such as MC, BWL, and AQ40, once you get practice and instructions from our raid leaders. We won’t get server-firsts, but we will progress and have fun while doing it.

Did I sell you on the Shinsengumi?

Yes? Awesome! For now, join us at our Discord while we gain momentum as we get closer to the launch. In addition, our website is now live at



1. I've been playing WoW since 2005.
2. I'm a respectful, well-mannered adult (21 years of age.)
3. Pre-Medical student (However, my schedule can be flexible.)
4. Have very good internet, working mic, any voice program you need me to use I will use.
5. Vanilla raiding experience, TBC raiding experience, WOTLK raiding experience.
6. Realm First achievements during WOTLK (All Ulduar Realm Firsts / TOGC Realm Firsts.)
7. 2400 + Arena Rating during WOTLK and MOP. I did not play Cata at all because the game turned into фекал.
8. Willing to farm gold / mats / help guildies depending on the critical mass of the situation.
9. I live North America (USA / Florida.)
10. I speak fluent English, some Russian, Spanish and sign language.
11. I can put in about 30 hours of game time a week or more if needed.
12. I AM NOT Looking to begin a guild. I am looking to join one under the circumstances of leveling with several well-respected and educated people that want the same thing I want in this game. (Clearing end-game content / world pvp.)

Class Experience

1. I mained a warrior tank for 5 years from 2005-2010.
2. I then mained a warlock from 2010-2016.

I know how to play every class except for a shaman, because I simply never have actually played a shaman at max level. I'm most best at tanking and healing. Dpsing is very easy in many situations, but tanking is my strongest aspect.

Raid Experience and Raid Leading Experience

1. Raid led and main tanked all of WOTLK. Our guild got realm first achievements in Ulduar and Trial of the Grand Crusader.
2. Main tanked all of vanilla except for naxxramas (TBC was coming out and no guild even cleared 2 wings in naxx.)
3. I played on Gorgonnash and was in <Umbral Sect> for some time, then server transferred to The Forgotten Coast when WOTLK launched. The guild I got realm firsts with was <Fatum Imperium>

I'm simply putting myself out there and letting others know that I'm a very good tank and am willing to put in the hard work and hours to have fun with the game that I've played for literally HALF my life. Before the trolls and nerd bags pour in stating, "GO TO GUILD RECRUITMENT," I am just trying to get to know the community and be a part of it in this way. This server is being launched literally when the semester ends and right at Christmas. What a wonderful Christmas present if you ask me. If you read this entire thread, thank you so much and for your time. Cheers! See you out there soon!

Yours Truly,

Mate, we'd love to have ya! We have a few members in the guild who are around your age, and are also pre-med students. I'm sure there are horrifying tales and war stories of classes to be told.

For your experience, it seems that you fit the bill, and would be qualified for any guild. But more importantly, we are always looking for new folk to have fun with, especially functioning adults as yourself ;) I look forward to playing with you once the server is up. For now, you can join us in Discord as we build hype and possibly play other games in the meantime.

Of course, all of this only applies if your history is real. We don't mind new players, but we do mind liars :p

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