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Tanking pre raid gear


IF not def cap (below 440)

IF not def cap

IF Def capped (above 440)


for maxing your TPS so the raid can pew pew more dmg/Dps. make sure to equip a 1.3 dagger or any fast weapon to burst out the heroic strike spam to give that extra 10-15 tps.

and to remember you wont get 440 defense with blue items from dungeons and such things. it will be around bwl/bis gear with zg enchant you will reach it. there is a macro for it to check.

#12863014 Nov 17, 2016 at 04:47 PM
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I am pretty sure the defence script is for TBC.

Press K to open skills and physically view the Defense Rating. All bonus stat modifiers will change the value to look like

300 (+#)/300.

440 is uncrushable which means uncritable.

Here is a great guide for Warrior tanking
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