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How are you guys doing this?Is the core gonna be able to level up a efficient speed?Many guilds get distracted by the PvP brackets will the core be pushing on from this?I use to play Vanilla WoW and am looking for a guild in the EST zone as I have...
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Tanking 101

Tanking pre raid gearHereIF not def cap (below 440)IF not def capIF Def capped (above 440)Herefor maxing your TPS so the raid can pew pew more dmg/Dps. make sure to equip a 1.3 dagger or any fast weapon to burst out the heroic strike spam to give ...
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Spectre/Judson intro

Hey guys, my names Judson. I'm 27 year old guy living in North Carolina with a girlfriend and two kids, a boy who is 1 and a girl is about to be 5. I'm currently a temporary operations engineer at a Google data center. I've gamed since I can re...
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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